Use these materials to raise and maintain awareness

We are pleased to make this material available to help support your 2017 Torchlight Campaign marketing efforts.  Have an idea or a special need for material that could help your efforts?  Please contact us and let us know how.

Posters: Formatted to work well on standard 8 1/2" x 11" or 11x14 providing a very economical way to promote this years campaign.  Consider hanging in high traffic areas like above printers, copiers,and break room bulletin boards to maintain awareness,  

Logo: Suitable for print or web placements.  Appropriate use includes any use where the logo accompanies campaign related messaging.  Logo should be used at file size or smaller.

PowerPoint Slide: Formatted for use in presentations, as part of display monitor slide sets, or inserted into email messages to raise and maintain awareness.

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UFWC Campaign Powerpoint Slide
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