2017 Torchlight Campaign Kick-off Event

Friday, September 29 from 5-7pm at the Struthers Library Theatre featured 2 new events!


Although the weather was not cooperative for outdoor activities on Friday, September 29th, the Kick-off for the 2017 campaign of the United Fund of Warren County proceeded indoors at the Struthers Library Theater.  As the attached photos show, the four main activities (the Bubble Gum Machine, the Potato Peeling Contest, the United Fund presentation and the screening of a classic silent movie) were all accommodated.

Because the United Fund places so much emphasis on helping children, the Kick-Off always begins with the Bubble Gum Machine and the carefully managed mayhem of Marty Loomis.  He refuses to let any child sit on the sidelines.  With music, toilet paper, bubbles and other props, he gets everyone up and dancing!

The Potato Peeling Contest was held for the third time, and its grows in participation and the number of onlookers each year.  Contestants compete to produce the longest peel, the most carefully peeled potato and the fastest time for peeling four pounds of potatoes.  Winners are crowned with (what else?) potatoes!

A short presentation about the United Fund highlights the 20 member agencies and the important human services they provide.  The "parade of agencies" makes it clear just how many people benefit from the United Fund each year.  And the event concluded with the 1920 Buster Keaton comedy "The Scarecrow."  

The entire event is patterned on early 1900's food drives at the Library Theater where a patron bringing a potato for the drive was admitted to see a movie.  The United Fund's deep commitment to raising money for its member agencies builds on that long-standing sense of Warren County's commitment to helping all of its citizens find the help they need.

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