What Is The Meaning Of "Torchlight"?

People often ask why the United Fund has a flame for its logo and refers to a “torchlight campaign.”  According to Charles Tranter, long-time director of the Fund, the symbol refers to the Statue of Liberty.

In the 1980’s, the Statue was in disrepair.  It was unsafe for people to go inside.  A national “Keep the Torch Lit” campaign was launched and raised over $350 million for renovations.  The work restored the Statue of Liberty, allowing everyone to regain access to the observation deck and the torch itself. 

The United Fund’s use of the torch logo evokes both the Statue’s promise of a better life and the coming together to meet an important goal, whether it be the restoration of the Statue of Liberty or the needs of the citizens of Warren County.  Contributors to the United Fund “keep the torch lit” by helping the twenty member agencies provide a wide array of social services. 

The torch is a symbol of light to those in need and a symbol of community caring for those who contribute to the annual campaign.  For the last thirty years, the torch has represented the United Fund and its work to raise funds to bring help where it is needed.

It epitomizes the strength of everyone in Warren County working together to reach this important annual goal.  


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Our Shared Mission

Through our partner agencies our mission is to provide the many worthwhile services and programs that assist the elderly, build character in our youth, provide basic human service needs, offer assistance and comfort in times of disaster.

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How Your Donations Help

All campaign and administration costs are covered by income from an endowment fund administered by the Community Foundation of Warren County. That means that 100% of your tax deductible gifts goes directly to member agencies serving the Warren County communities. MORE...

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