With the presentation of a check from the employees and management of Crossett, Inc., the 2015 United Fund campaign reached its conclusion.  With a goal of $660,000, the final tally is $668,097.38, or 101%. 

 AK Keddie said that Crossett chooses to partner with the United Fund because donations “impact those in need right here in the local community.”  All of the campaign dollars raised help Warren County human service organizations.

left to right:  Darrell Beaton, Bob Ahl, Sarah Marano, AK Keddie, Thad Turner (campaign co-chair), Lindsey Burch, Jim Goodling.

left to right:  Darrell Beaton, Bob Ahl, Sarah Marano, AK Keddie, Thad Turner (campaign co-chair), Lindsey Burch, Jim Goodling.

 While the gift from Crossett and its workers completed the campaign, hundreds of individuals, businesses and industries have contributed to reaching the goal.  “It is a remarkable community effort,” said Jim Goodling, Executive Director of the United Fund.  “Every year people come together to make sure that the human services which are so important to this County receive the support they need.”  The United Fund acts as a fundraising vehicle for twenty different agencies. 

Terri Swanson and Thad Turner served as co-chairs for the campaign.  Each had praise for the community.  Swanson pointed out that this is the 91st campaign for the United Fund, which began in 1924 as the Community Chest.  “This long tradition of caring, of stepping up to provide support for services available to everyone in the County, is both inspiring and necessary,” she said.  “Everyone understands the importance of the United Fund.”

 Turner remarked that “once again, the people of Warren County have made a commitment to helping their neighbors.  When you think of the size of the County’s population, meeting a goal which was higher than ever is a statement to the kindness and generosity of the people who live here.”

 Goodling emphasized that every dollar given in the campaign goes directly to the member agencies.  Past supporters of the Fund, working with the Community Foundation, endowed the organization so that all campaign and administrative costs are paid for in that way.  “No other United Way agency of which I am aware can say that 100% of the dollars collected go directly to those who need them.”

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Our Shared Mission

Through our partner agencies our mission is to provide the many worthwhile services and programs that assist the elderly, build character in our youth, provide basic human service needs, offer assistance and comfort in times of disaster, and to bring smiles to those who need them.

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How Your Donations Help

All campaign and administration costs are covered by income from an endowment fund administered by the Community Foundation of Warren County. That means that 100% of your tax deductible gifts goes directly to member agencies serving the Warren County communities. MORE...

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